Love & Trust




Now, before I go any further I feel like I must tell you that I am a paranoid individual. I don’t necessarily think everyone is out to get me, because that would be a crazy way of thinking. I don’t feel like I’m that important for people to plot against me. But I do know much people are full of shit and don’t want to put my feelings or anything of mines in their hands to abuse it. I’ve seen it happen so many times. I realized that the main people who try to force you to trust them are the same ones that let you doing or abuse your trust






Since we have that out the way, I used to think that trust wasn’t a major component for a relationship. I thought you could just have a relationship and trust wouldn’t matter. Well wait, I guess my trust got abused and I just figured not to trust and it wouldn’t be a problem. I never had an issue with trusting the right people. It’s just when something bad happens I usually don’t trust them anymore. But in a relationship, especially one you want to work, you are going to have to trust, you are going to do a lot of things you may not want to do. So for me, after the incident that made me stop trusting, I had to trust again. Like I said in the beginning I’m a very paranoid individual. I always think people don’t learn from their mistakes and do things again. So it was a very hard road (still traveling down this road) to regaining trust. You could try and pretend that you trust them, but it’ll always come out. Whether it’s late at night and you are overthinking or you asking them for their password to their social sites. (in which I believe in relationships the girlfriend and boyfriend should have each other’s passwords I mean if you don’t have anything to hide) when it comes out, your boyfriend or girlfriend may be very disappointed at you. You could blame they are the reason behind it, but it’s not going to go anywhere, just more arguing. It’s a long road, a very hard, frustrating and nerve racking road. But if you stay true and you truly love the person you can make it through it.


– Have a good day-

– STK Is out –



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