I really need to start posting more

Race and relationships

I hate people…….Sometimes the logic I hear that some people have, the words they put together, the thoughts they project out are just so…….eh insane. I hate that people like to use race into finding their soul mates. With love, there are no color. Some people like to think that just because they went thru hell because of one relationship,they blame the whole race. Its so idiotic to think that way, I’ve been through hell with black women but I don’t put them in a box. I am open to date anyone of any race well not now due to me just going thrugh a relationship. Why hinder yourself of finding love because of race. I never got that


So living in Augusta GA, winters are epic. Because you never know what will happen. Sometimes we might have a winter with Spring weather……..then we have those winters that are unbelievably cold. This year we have that winter. We hardly get any snow, the last snow we had was in 2012 I think or 2011 maybe 2010 but it was one of those years ( I have bad memory) but yes we will have snow tomorrow and Wednesday and I’m so stoked!!!! Also, another thing I love about Georgia is that when we see a speckle of snow, we shut everything down. Today at college, I heard I won’t have any class this week, which is EPIC especially since I had two test this week….. this might be a great week after all



How’s the weather where you from?

You Women…….

You women are on to something with this eating ice cream when you have a broken heart.

Let me begin, this has been a crappy January, a crappy way to begin the new year. I realized that sometimes you can’t always have the person you love, and that you can’t make anyone love you. I just hope one day they truly find the person they want or the person she wanted actually work something out. So as I sit in sorrow, heartbroken I decided to go to the store and get some ice cream and cake. I remember last year I read a post on here where on the list on how to get through a breakup, pig out was on the list. It helped a lot. I still have my days where I feel just extremely bad, where i’m angry at myself. I think its natural, so I just pray, I don’t wish any bad things on my ex. All I wish is the absolute best.  I’ve learned a lot over the course of my almost two year on and off relationship with her. As for now, I need to keep busting my ass in school, so I can have a stable career. Yeah in closing you women are awesome for that and yea I feel no shame in my game being a guy who took a page out of the women’s book. Have a good day

i was going to delete this…….

I realize that I feel a lot better when I get my emotions out. I feel like i’m suffocated with thoughts. Therefore i’m keeping this. I think I speak for a lot of people. Over the course of a few days, people have told me that they have been what I’ve been through. All I really want to do is help people, it’s always been that way. I have experienced love, and I’ve lost love, not the feelings  have for the said person but the relationship. Knowing that I won’t have another relationship again I want to help people go through anything they go through. While i’m keeping this, i’m also thinking of making a Tumblr. Not trying to be a famous blogger or anything but I think it would help me cope with the heartbreak I am currently going through. I’m trying to put my hand in different waters so to speak, to help me take my mind of pain. if anyone of you have a tumblr, be sure to put your names in the comments so I can follow.

Peace and Have a blessed day

-STK Is Out-

What Does “Hurt” Feel like?

Hurt feels like losing the person you idolized because of the dumb decisions you’ve made.

its hurts not having the person you looked as your “soul mate” in your life anymore.

Hurt is knowing you weren’t good enough to keep them or treat them right.

Hurt is knowing that the person you are now, is the person you wished you were back then.

It hurts.

Pain….the pain is something that hurts yet it isn’t physical.

No cuts, No bruises, No blood, nothing visible

Maybe the pain is, maybe the pain is visible through the windows of your eyes.

It still doesn’t compare, when your soul is broken

When your heart is broken.

I love you and I miss you

and I wish nothing but the best for you in llife

Just wished I was in your life to see  your succeed.

Thanks for the memories

Hope you find someone better

Someone who can deliver

As For me, I know no one will ever have my heart again

So, I have to learn how to face life by myself

I know I can make it

Its just that

My half

My smile